GAJSSC paying tribute to the SHUHADA'S of APSAC by lightning candles.

International School Award | WINNERS FOR THE YEARS 2015-2018

GAJSSC is the part of the British Council Schools online program and is working on global themes.

Peace and Harmony

This progamme aims at creating a school wide culture and climate that convey a sense of respect, tolerance, support and equal opportunity which will definitely add to the world wide culture.

Bibliophiles Read Programme

This Program aims to promote a reading culture in School which will help to develop critical thinking skills.

Sports | Aerobics Champions at district and provincial level from last four years

This program aims at flourishing sports and inculcating sportsman spirit amongst the students. It gives the idea that healthy bodies have healthy minds and enhances the moral values and physical strength altogether.

Go Green

This program aims at equipping the students with the sense of responsibility towards preventing the environment through a better understanding of earth in all creations in it.