We visualize our school as one of the best schools of the city which bears a conducive and congenial environment to provide everyday a fair chance to participate in the School Improvement Plan and which will produce (surely) well groomed, responsible & peaceful citizens of the society who will be able to cope with the present age and earn a good name for their school, parents and above all for their country.


Our mission at Garrison Academy (Junior) Sarwar Shaheed Campus is to provide quality education to our young boys and girls that would enable them to be inquisitive, analytical and confident, so that they can step forth into the real and highly competitive world, with the ability to make mature and well informed decisions, based on clear understanding of essential principles, concepts and moral values. Special emphasis is given to creating children’s understanding of their Islamic beliefs that would shape their attitudes and accomplishments all their lives. Love for the motherland is the guiding principle behind all educational programmes and training.